documenta 14, April 8–September 17, 2017, in Athens, Kassel, and beyond, has reached more people than ever before

documenta 14 is not owned by anyone in particular. It is shared among its visitors and artists, readers and writers, as well as all those whose work made it happen.


Anne Charlotte Robertson (1949–2012)

Anne Charlotte Robertson, born in 1949, was a Massachusetts-based filmmaker who used her Super-8 camera and acute self-awareness to forge a radically intimate mode of first-person cinema. Although she…


Kettly Noël

Many people will have a strong image of Kettly Noël without being able to place her. In 2014, the artist played the character of crazy Zabou in Timbuktu, the film by Abderrahmane Sissako. Zabou the voodoo…


#14 Ojo de gusano: Don’t Look Down

by Regina José Galindo

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The documenta 14 Reader

The main book of documenta 14 takes the form of a Reader, evoking the various meanings associated with the term…


Rizari Park

Near the Athens War Museum, a green oasis of exclusively Mediterranean flora is situated between two busy avenues. The plants were bequeathed in 1844 by Georgios Rizaris, a former member of the Society…


Forough Farrokhzad


I speak out of the deep of night
out of the deep of darkness
and out of the deep of night I speak.

If you come to my house, friend
bring me a lamp and a window I can look through
at the crowd in the happy…

Historical Positions

Hessisches Landesmuseum

The Hessisches Landesmuseum, designed by the German historicist architect Theodor Fischer, was inaugurated in 1913; as such, it was among the last major historical museums opened before the onset of World…


Revolutionary Work: Pandurang Khankhoje and Tina Modotti

by Savitri Sawhney

My father, the agronomist and political revolutionary Pandurang Khankhoje, was born in 1886 in British colonial India, the son of a Marathi vakil, a petition writer in the courts of law, and the grandson…

South Issue #8 [documenta 14 #3]

Keimena #37: Lmuja (The Wave)

by Omar Belkacemi

Omar Belkacemi’s The Wave tells the story of Algerian journalist and writer Redouane, who comes back from Europe to investigate a wave of suicides in his native country during the mass lay-offs of the late 1990s…

Public TV

Keeping Score: Notation, Embodiment, and Liveness

by Hendrik Folkerts

To approach a definition: the score is a notational device that connects the material of a ­discipline—ranging from music, dance, and performance to architecture, linguistics, mathematics, physics—and…

South Issue #7 [documenta 14 #2]

#17 Red Star, Crescent Moon / after Sohail Daulatzai

by Naeem Mohaiemen

In Black Star, Crescent Moon (2012), scholar Sohail Daulatzai charts post-1950s Black internationalism as an intersecting history of black Muslims, black radicals, and the Muslim third world. In response…


Material Matters Library

The “Material Matters” library is a collection of objects and sounds that have been entrusted to aneducation by documenta 14 artists…

Public Education

Marx and Stilinović

by Sven Stilinović

Landing page and following images: Sven Stilinović, Marx and Stilinović (1980), three black-and-white photographs, sheet of paper with text, corduroy cover


South Issue #6 [documenta 14 #1]