documenta 14, April 8–September 17, 2017, in Athens, Kassel, and beyond, has reached more people than ever before

documenta 14 is not owned by anyone in particular. It is shared among its visitors and artists, readers and writers, as well as all those whose work made it happen.


Dignity has never been photographed

by Abounaddara

Dignity isn’t well regarded at the moment. It’s seen as a normative concept, difficult to gauge and even more difficult to reconcile with artistic practices that tend to strive for emancipation from norms. It’s also a political argument that has been made by reactionaries and enemies of artistic freedom. Finally, it is an ideal that goes against the tide of nihilism in this atmosphere of triumphant post-truth…


Terre Thaemlitz

“But you know Terre, you have a problem with everything.” This comment came during the rather awkwardly titled “Charming for the Revolution: A Congress for Gender Talents and Wildness,” at Tate…


Double Gambit: Katerina Koskina and Adam Szymczyk in Conversation with Domenick Ammirati

The collaboration between documenta 14 and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST) seemed both inevitable and unlikely. But no more unlikely than documenta 14 dividing like a replicating…

South Issue #9 [documenta 14 #4]

#11 Torture and Freedom Tour of Athens

by Vangelis Karamanolakis, Tasos Sakellaropoulos, Kostis Karpozilos, and Katerina Labrinou

Collective walk through the city of Athens, in collaboration with ASKI archives, exploring the historical traces of oppression, violence, and the quest for freedom during the military dictatorship of 1967–74.

New York
New York

The documenta 14 Reader

The main book of documenta 14 takes the form of a Reader, evoking the various meanings associated with the term…


Benaki Museum—Pireos Street Annexe

The Benaki Museum was founded in 1930 by the collector Antonis Benakis. Born into an important family of the Greek diaspora, Benakis’s father, Emmanouil Benakis, was a Greek merchant and politician who…


Max Liebermann

Max Liebermann can easily be considered Germany’s leading impressionist painter. For the last decade and a half of his life he was also president of the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin, until he was…

Historical Positions


BALi-Kinos is located in Kassel’s former central train station. In 1995 it became part of the complex developed as the KulturBahnhof, and since 1997 it has been the home of the documenta film program…


Keimena #33: Pays Barbare (Barbaric Land)

by Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi

In Barbaric Land, Angela Ricci Lucchi and Yervant Gianikian ask, ‘What is fascism?’ How is it born, how is it rooted, and what unites its different strains? Composed of archival documentary material, their film descends into the darkest period of Italian history…

Public TV

#25 An Evening with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens and Wet Dreams Water Ritual

An invitation to partake of the pleasures and perils of water. In collaborating with local artists, activists, musicians, sex workers, refugees, and other humans and non-humans.

Note: Please bring some…


Material Matters Library

The “Material Matters” library is a collection of objects and sounds that have been entrusted to aneducation by documenta 14 artists…

Public Education

Mare Nostrum

by Miriam Cahn



i would not be

i would not be had i not not i i too but not even at all if. 
i would not be only not i i too i would not be. i am because. i am i too i because if.

i would not be if my…

South Issue #6 [documenta 14 #1]