Exhibition visits

Can I take my bag and my jacket with me into the exhibition?

For security reasons we kindly ask you to leave jackets and larger bags at the cloakrooms in front of the exhibition venues. The cloakrooms are free of charge.

The maximum size of bags that can be brought into the exhibition is 33 × 23 × 10 cm. The contents of bags may be subject to spot checks.

For conservation reasons, backpacks of any size cannot be taken into the exhibition. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

There are cloakroom containers in close proximity to every exhibition venue.

Can I leave my luggage at the cloakroom?

We kindly ask you to leave your suitcases and travel bags at your accommodation or in the lockers at the railway station. The cloakrooms in and in front of the exhibition venues do not have sufficient capacity for large pieces of luggage. In an emergency, it is possible to leave larger pieces of luggage at the cloakroom container on Friedrichsplatz. Please note that it closes at 8 pm.

Can I take photos in the exhibitions?

Yes. Photography without flash is allowed in the exhibitions.

However, it is prohibited to photograph some of the artworks. Please take note of signs to this effect.

Can I take food and beverages with me into the exhibitions?

For insurance reasons, visitors are not allowed to eat or drink in the exhibition spaces.

Can I bring my dog to the exhibition?

Dogs are not allowed in the exhibition venues. An exception is made for service dogs.

Is there a Lost and Found office?

The documenta 14 Lost and Found office is in the cloakroom container on Friedrichsplatz next to the Sinn Leffers department store. You can reach the Lost and Found office by calling +49 (0)159 046 118 83.

Information on the exhibition

Where can I get information material on the exhibition?

Information material can be obtained at the Press and Information Center, Friedrichsplatz 4, 34117 Kassel. The Press and Information Center is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

Where can I find information on the daily program?

You can view the daily program in our online calendar:

The current program is also available in printed form in the Public Paper, a biweekly newspaper that is available free of charge at the Press and Information Center and at most of the documenta 14 exhibition venues. In addition to the program for Athens and Kassel, the Public Paper provides in-focus information about a different exhibition in each issue.

Is there a documenta 14 catalog?

The documenta 14: Daybook and the Map Booklet Athens and Kassel can be read together as a catalog. The cover of the documenta 14: Daybook is designed so that both Map Booklets can be kept in the cover pockets.

The documenta 14: Daybook gives background information on the artists exhibited. In the Map Booklet you will find information on the exhibition venues and a list of works.

Other documenta 14 publications include The documenta 14 Reader, a book in which discursive matters of documenta 14 can be explored in hybrid literary forms, and the magazine South as a State of Mind. Since early 2015, there have been a total of four special editions of the latter. The fourth and final special edition will be published in the summer of 2017.

Information on the documenta 14 publications can be found here:

How do I find my way around the exhibitions?

At the exhibition venues and at the ticketing offices you will find overview maps that show the positions of the different artists at the exhibition venues.

The overview maps are free of charge.

Under the menu item “Public Exhibition” on our website you will find a list of exhibition venues where you can view the artists shown there.

Where can I find artworks from earlier documenta exhibitions?

On the website you can obtain information about artworks from past documenta exhibitions in the Kassel area.

Where can I buy documenta 14 merchandise?

There are documenta 14 shops on Friedrichsplatz, in front of the documenta Halle, in front of the Neue Galerie, and in front of the Neue Neue Galerie (Neue Hauptpost).

Some products are also available at Galeria Kaufhof Kassel, Kassel Marketing, Thalia (a bookstore on Bebelplatz), and Unibuch Kassel.

A selection of products can be found in the documenta 14 webshop.


Are there guided tours of documenta 14 exhibitions?

We offer the opportunity to take part in individual or group “walks” through the exhibitions with a member of the Choir. The members of the Choir are the documenta 14 exhibition guides.

Information on documenta 14 walks can be found here:

Where can I book walks?

It is possible to book walks through the documenta 14 webshop , with Visitor Service by calling +49 (0) 0561 70727-70, or by sending an email to visitors [​at​]

You can also book walks at the documenta 14 shops in front of Friedrichsplatz, in front of the documenta Halle, in front of the Neue Galerie, and in front of the Neue Neue Galerie (Neue Hauptpost). However, advanced bookings are recommended, as the size of the groups is limited.

Where is the meeting place for my walk?

Walk participants meet at the documenta shop where the walk begins (the meeting place for the walk “From the Neue Galerie to Schöne Aussicht” is the shop in front of the Neue Galerie). You can also find your meeting place in the webshop under “Treffpunkte Spaziergänge,” with your booking confirmation, and on your walk ticket.

Where can I make requests and discuss requirements for my walk?

You can tell us about special thematic wishes, specific language requirements, health restrictions, or ask for a certain Choir member by calling Visitor Service at +49 (0) 561 70727-70 or sending an email to visitors [​at​]

Admission and Tickets

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased via documenta’s webshop or at ticket booths during the exhibition.

Can I exchange a ticket or return it for a refund?

Tickets may not be returned or exchanged. Unfortunately, lost tickets cannot be replaced.

When purchasing tickets online, can I use these tickets any day?

Yes. It will be validated once scanned at the respective venue entrance.

Do I have to use my 2-day ticket on two consecutive days?

No, you can choose the days of your visit freely.

Do I have to print out my online ticket?

The tickets must be presented in printed form and carried with you throughout the duration of your visit.

What happens if the barcode on my ticket gets damanged?

Please take care to ensure that barcode is not damaged. Tickets with unreadable barcodes are invalid. In such cases we advise you to ask for assistance at a ticket booth.

Can a ticket I purchase be used by another person?

It is possible to purchase a ticket as a gift or for a third party. It is however forbidden to reproduce, copy, or resell tickets.

Is the season ticket valid for both Athens and Kassel?

The ticket grants access to all exhibition venues of documenta 14 in Kassel. Venues in Athens mostly have free admission. Some partner institutions charge regular entrance fees.

Who qualifies for reduced entrance fees?

Students, trainees, recipients of basic social benefits (e.g. ALG II), participants in voluntary service, refugees, and visitors with disabilities (50-percent disability class) receive a discount on tickets upon presentation of the corresponding pass. Visitors with disabilities and the letters B, H, BL, AG, and G on their identification cards pay the reduced admission price and may take one aide with them into the exhibition free of charge. Admission is free for children aged ten and under. The evening ticket is valid from 5 pm. The family ticket is valid for up to two adults with up to three children (up to the age of 16). Tickets with reduced admission are only valid with corresponding proof of eligibility.

Does my ICOM card entitle me to free admission to the documenta?

Because documenta is not a museum and thus not a member of the International Council of Museums, neither the ICOM card nor other museum membership cards are valid at documenta.

Information on programs and projects

Where can I listen to the documenta 14 radio program?

You can listen to the documenta 14 radio program Every Time A Ear di Soun on UKW 90.4 MHz in Kassel, and worldwide on the documenta 14 website and on shortwave 15560 kHz. You can find the listening stations for the fourteen audio pieces designed for documenta 14 at the Press and Information Center, Friedrichsplatz 4, 34117 Kassel.

Further information on the documenta 14 radio program Every Time A Ear di Soun is available here:

Do I have to pick up the tickets in advance at the Press and Information Center for the screening of Narimane Mari at the Ballhaus?

Tickets for the screening are issued at the Press and Information Center on the day of the performances. They are valid for admission to the Ballhaus and for transportation with the e-Shuttle. Remaining seats for the film screening are also issued at the Ballhaus. To receive a ticket, you have to have a valid admission ticket for documenta 14.

How do I get tickets for performances at Henschel-Hallen?

You can buy tickets for performances at Henschel-Hallen at documenta 14 ticket counters. The tickets cost 10 Euro per event. Visitors with a valid documenta admission ticket get a 2 Euro discount on the admission price for a performance on the day your admission ticket is valid for documenta 14.

Depending on availability, tickets are also available at the box office.

A detailed program can be found here and in our event calendar.

Where can I buy Sufferhead beer?

You can purchase Sufferhead Original (Kassel Edition) beer by Emeka Ogboh at the café in the Press and Information Center (Friedrichsplatz 4), at documenta 14 shops on Friedrichsplatz and in front of the Neue Neue Galerie, at Galeria Kaufhof, at the café of the documenta Halle, at the Grimmwelt restaurant, and at Bierkathe (Westendstraße 10).

The Parthenon of Books

Is it still possible to donate books to The Parthenon of Books?

Yes. The donation campaign will continue until The Parthenon of Books installation is covered. Information on specific books that can be donated can be found at

Is there a list of the books used in The Parthenon of Books?

Yes. This list will be published on the documenta 14 website after the last book has been received.

Where can I see the countries in which the books were banned?

The long list of banned books contains more than 70,000 books titles that have been banned worldwide in the past or are still banned today, there is a column with the country code of the country in which the titles were banned. You can find this list at

Why is so much plastic used in The Parthenon of Books? Does it have a detrimental effect on the environment?

A very important aspect of the artwork is that after the installation is dismantled, the books donated from around the world will be returned to the public and thus can be recirculated and read again. We have to use plastic to guarantee that the books are preserved. We use a special plastic that is also used for food, for example for packaging fresh produce at supermarkets. Because we do not produce mixed waste and we guarantee that the waste is returned to a clean and pure form, the plastic used for the The Parthenon of Books can be integrated directly in the recycling circuit. In cooperation with the waste management department of the City of Kassel, the disposal and recycling of book packaging is carried out in a lawful way.

What will happen to The Parthenon of Books when the exhibition closes?

During the final week of the exhibition, the books will be distributed to libraries and the general public. More detailed information will be available on our website well in advance.