34 Exercises of Freedom: #20 Transgressive Listening
by Stathis Gourgouris

Opening of the Public Programs of documenta 14 at Parko Eleftherias. Stathis Gourgouris, photo: Stathis Mamalakis

Stathis Gourgouris is professor at the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University, New York. He is the author of Synaesthetics of the Polity (forthcoming, 2018); The Perils of the One (forthcoming, 2017); Lessons in Secular Criticism (2013); Does Literature Think? (2003); Dream Nation (1996); and editor of Freud and Fundamentalism (2010). He has published numerous articles on ancient Greek philosophy, political theory, modern poetics, film and theater, contemporary music, and psychoanalysis. His text for South as a State of Mind #7 [documenta 14 #2] is part of his new project on transgressive listening.

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