The Trojan Horse–Burning the Canon
by Daniel García Andújar

Falla sculpture public burning
8 pm–12 am
Starting point: Neue Neue Galerie (Neue Hauptpost), Ending point: Nordstadtpark, Kassel

Daniel Garcia Andújar, The Disasters of War: Trojan Horse, 2017, installation shot

The Trojan Horse sculpture has been conceived as anti-monument and a reflection on the “night games of war” (Reichs Veterans Day, Kassel, June 4 1939) in Germany during the Nazi period. The sculpture has been created by the artist with the aid of a software to produce an aleatory combination of body types. These figures were then materially constructed by Taller Manolo Martín, a team of traditional craftsmen who produce the Fallas puppets traditionally burned in Valencia on June 23. Following this old ritual, the sculpture in Kassel is being burned as part of a pagan celebration of releasing what is no longer needed and preserving what should remain.

Starting point: Neue Neue Galerie, 8 pm
Ending point: Nordstadtpark

With the participation of Daniel Cremer, Pablo Lluis Llorca, Cristina Martí Morell and Francesc Xavier Richart Peris

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