A Reading That Loves—A Physical Act
by Yael Davids

1–2 pm, 7–8 pm
Neue Galerie, Schöne Aussicht 1, Kassel
12–1 pm, 7–8 pm
Neue Galerie, Schöne Aussicht 1, Kassel

Yael Davids, A Reading That Loves—A Physical Act, 2017, installation and performance, Neue Galerie, Kassel, documenta 14, photo: Émile Ouroumov

Yael Davids’ assembly of materials that is activated during this daily performance, departs from her interest in the Expressionist painter Cornelia Gurlitt, among other marginalized female figures.

In collaboration with Sher Doruff, taisha ciara paggett and Thijs Witty

Participants: Miriam J. Carranza, Robin Damm, Lisa Karkos, Norgard Kröger, Sophia Landzettel, Constanze Lewandowsky, Marie Schomerus

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Yael Davids

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