Gottschalk-Halle (University of Kassel)

Gottschalk-Halle, photo: Mathias Völzke

Many threads of Kassel’s history are woven together in this abandoned warehouse. Built in the 1950s on a location belonging to two of the city’s most prominent industrial dynasties, Henschel company and the Gottschalk & Co. textile manufactory, the Gottschalk-Halle was used by the latter as a storage facility. In the 1970s it was taken over by the University of Kassel to perform much the same function. As such, the Gottschalk-Halle has always been a transitory site—neither a space of production nor of consumption but rather a reservoir and record of passage. The future of the building is uncertain: it will either be destroyed or repurposed for student housing, as it stands currently on the edge of the university’s rapidly expanding campus. While various artworks on view echo the Gottschalk-Halle’s pasts, the venue also assembles artists who work on issues of displacement and migration, connecting the economic threads that pass through the site’s history to geopolitical and sociocultural lines of transition.

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The Inner Outer Circle

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La farsa monea

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