Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation

Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation, photo: George Nikas

Internationally renowned as a stage and costume designer, Yannis Tsarouchis (1910–1989) also painted prolifically in a style both modernist and sensual. He was celebrated across divisions of sex, class, politics, and generation. Tsarouchis collaborated on theatrical productions with Maria Callas, Katina Paxinou, Christina Tsingou, and many others. In 1940, he fought on the Albanian front; during the Nazi Occupation, he worked as a conservator and decorator to support himself; and he spent the junta years living in Paris. In 1977, he staged Euripides’s The Trojan Women in a parking lot in the center of Athens, translating the play into Modern Greek, overseeing the production, and designing all the sets for a project that epitomized his investment in the city of Athens and its real-life dramaturgy. In 1981, Tsarouchis made his house and studio in Marousi, a northern suburb of Athens, the home of the foundation that bears his name. documenta 14 has initiated basic repairs of the house, in anticipation of its much-needed full renovation in the future. The blueprints for the full restoration of the building by the CF Company as well as many of the stage designs by Tsarouchis are on display in the house as part of documenta 14.

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