Trianon, photo: Mathias Völzke

Trianon Cinema opened with the premiere of the Greek film Never on Sunday in August 1960. Today, the cinema continues to screen films but has expanded its program to present performances, concerts, and interdisciplinary events. The Trianon hosts the premiere screening of Marina Gioti’s film Invisible Hands, accompanied by an exclusive performance by the musician and ethnomusicologist Alan Bishop and his band the Invisible Hands from Cairo. Gioti’s film, unfolding between the two critical elections that mark the post–Arab Spring period in Egypt—a time of oscillating hope and disillusionment—is a tragicomedy of politics and art-making in a troubled periphery.

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The Invisible Hands

by Marina Gioti

Marina Gioti, The Invisible Hands, 2017, Egypt/Greece, 93 min.
In English and Arabic with English and Greek subtitles

Maverick underground American/Lebanese musician and ethnomusicologist Alan Bishop (of…