Attis, Foto: Mathias Völzke

Founded in Delphi by Theodoros Terzopoulos in 1985, the Attis Theatre is dedicated to performing the work of ancient Greek tragedy. The theater collaborates with international festivals and theaters to bring attention to tragic drama and to revitalize the knowledge of its form. It was the wish of playwright Jannis Kontraphouris that Jocasta (2007), completed shortly before his death, would be directed and staged by Terzopoulos. A meditation on human suffering, the play uses the margins of speech to build a nightmare. With the relics of a glorious past in her hands, the protagonist disturbs a world established on atrocious crimes.

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Jocasta Post Mortem

by Theodoros Terzopoulos

Janis Kontraphouris wrote his play Jocasta in the hospital shortly before his death and wanted the text to be staged by Terzopoulos in his Attis Theatre. The play refers to the ancient myth dealing with…