Polytechniou 8

Polytechniou 8, photo: Mathias Völzke

“A spring morning in the early 1950s, an excited group of young graduates crossed Patision avenue down to their favorite cafe on Polytechniou street. The wars were over, the sun was out, Athens was in full bloom and they had just gotten their civil engineering degrees from the Metsovio Polytechnic School. And now they were ready to start building Athens.”

In a first floor apartment on Polytechniou 8, Andreas Angelidakis installs Unauthorized (Athinaiki Techniki), an office investigating the psychotechnical parameters of the construction of Athens. The office presents the raw findings of the investigation, in the form of archival material, found objects, video footage, and 3D prints, while continuing to produce a “report” presented in Kassel.

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