Municipal Theater of Piraeus

Municipal Theater of Piraeus, photo: Fanis Vlastaras

The Municipal Theater of Piraeus is an exemplar of nineteenth-century Greek public architecture. Built from plans by Ioannis Lazarimos, the neoclassical building has been a meeting point for the city’s artistic life since 1895. After the Great War, the theater was used as a garrison headquarters; its rooms housed the Piraeus Labor Center and other trade unions. In 1922, after the Asia Minor Catastrophe, the theater was transformed into a school and refugees used the theater boxes as living spaces. Here, Alexandra Bachzetsis presents Private Song, which reflects on mutating constructions of gender identity and affects within popular culture. Private Song proposes framing as a perceptual strategy to question, underline, or neutralize the spectator’s relation to the moving bodies on stage. These acts of reframing produce a phantasmatic scene that in turn transforms the position of the viewer itself.

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Private Song

by Alexandra Bachzetsis

Private Song proposes framing as a perceptual strategy for questioning, underlining, or neutralizing the spectator’s relationship to moving bodies on stage. These acts of re-framing produce a phantasmic…


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