Pedion tou Areos

Pedion tou Areos, photo: Mathias Völzke

Named after the military exercises that took place during King Otto’s reign, the largest park in Athens was designed in 1934 to honor the heroes of the Greek Revolution (1821–32). They can be found depicted in a parade of twenty-one marble busts that line the park’s avenues. After its opening, Pedion tou Areos became the main recreational area of the central city, with locals gathering in the park’s café, Green Park. Years of gradual decay and abandonment followed, until 2015, when the café was once again occupied, this time by an artistic collective who took its name and used the space to initiate political discussion and performances. It is also one of the sites of Pope.L’s Whispering Campaign. Taking information gleaned from locals and encoding it as whispered words, Pope.L’s work permeates select sites in Athens (and later in Kassel), accumulating to become a minor history of these cities. Other sites in Athens include Cantina Social, Cine Paris, Galaxy Bar, and the First Cemetery of Athens.

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From the 8th Gymnasium’s chapel to the open air school of Mitsakis

with Zafos Xagoraris

An event hosted by documenta 14’s aneducation focusing on Zafos Xagoraris’s project The Niche, in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts and the educational group Skasiarxeio.

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