Numismatic Museum

Numismatic Museum, photo: Mathias Völzke

This museum is housed in a former private home designed by Ernst Ziller for German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. Its interior—once the height of opulence—reflects the influence of archaeological excavations in Pompeii on the evolution of neoclassicism. One of the oldest public museums in Greece, established in 1834, it is centered on the study and collection of currency, and through this, economic systems. Using the Numismatic Museum as an improvised theater, Israel Galván, Pedro G. Romero, and Niño de Elche reflect on the relationship between the sacred and the profane, money and sexuality, the body and the coin.

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La farsa monea

by Israel Galván, Niño de Elche, and Pedro G. Romero

A three-day performative intervention La farsa monea by Spanish dancer Israel Galván, singer Niño de Elche, and artist Pedro G. Romero. Reflecting on the social production of value within the art of…