Monument Madra Blokou Kokkinias

Monument Madra Blokou Kokkinias, photo: Angelos Giotopoulos

On August 17, 1944, Nazi troops executed seventy-five members of the Greek Resistance at the old factory of the British Oriental Carpet company in the neighborhood of Kokkinia (known also as Nikaia). Hundreds more men and women similarly lost their lives in the general area. At the site of the massacre now stands a museum/monument urging visitors to revisit this tragic page of Greek history and engage in conversation with the ghosts of the past. Based on the iconic performance titled Kokkinia, which took place at the site in 1979, by the late Maria Karavela (1938–2012), and her resulting censored film, artist Mary Zygouri stages a long-term project in close collaboration with the local community—and the local ghosts—addressing the climate of economic and social crisis in Greece and worldwide. Like Karavela, Zygouri presents the results of her work in a performance and an accompanying film shown throughout documenta 14.

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The Round-up Project: Kokkinia 1979–Kokkinia 2017 \ M. Z. \ M. K.

by Mary Zygouri

Based on the performance Kokkinia by the late Maria Karavela (1938–2012), which took place at the same site in 1979, artist Mary Zygouri has developed a long-term community project and a performance…