Ancient Agora of Athens—Odeion of Agrippa

Ancient Agora of Athens, photo: Fanis Vlastaras

Central to Athenian democracy and justice was the Agora, a place of assembly for its citizens. At the center of the Ancient Agora of Athens was the Odeion of Agrippa, an auditorium with the capacity to seat one thousand people. It was punctuated by large statues of the Giants and Tritons set on high pedestals, which stand today only as fragments: a torso, a gesture, a symbol. Prinz Gholam’s performance My Sweet Country enters into an immediate relationship with the visible and acoustic surroundings of the Agora, overlaying the archaeological ruins of this public space with images of different identities and emphasizing it as a site of cultural incompletion.

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My Sweet Country​

by Prinz Gholam

Prinz Gholam embark on a method of embedding corporeal constellations which they internalize from paintings, sculptures, and historical photographs, on both the sites of the Temple of Olympian Zeus &…