Igwe Bu Ike
by Emeka Ogboh


“Igwe bu ike: (unity is strength), is one of the sayings which emerged in the experience chapter as hallmarks of Igbo philosophy of collaboration, its literary rendering is ‘there is strength in numbers’, and it stresses the importance of community.”
—Cajetan E. Ebuziem

This audio piece explores the concept of Igwe bu ike by combining historical speeches from the founding of the Organization of African Unity, soundscapes from African cities, music scores, and oral narrations/commentaries in a listening experience.

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Emeka Ogboh

Sound is Emeka Ogboh’s primary medium of expression, from which he departs to engage other mediums in his efforts to explore the complexities of being in our world. Ogboh (born in 1977, Nigeria) employs…


Every Time A Ear di Soun, a documenta 14 Radio Program Presentation

with Adam Szymczyk, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Angela Melitopoulos, Hila Peleg, Emeka Ogboh, and Andreas-Peter Weber

Moderated by Vladimir Balzer
Musical interventions by Sonic Shadow aka Satch Hoyt with Earl Harvin and Dirk Leyers, DJ Lamin Fofana

Every Time A Ear di Soun, a documenta 14 Radio Program, is being presented…