The Ears Between Worlds Are Always Speaking
by Postcommodity


The Ears Between Worlds Are Always Speaking is a long-form, 2-channel, hyper-directional opera projected via police/military Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) upon the ancient ruins of Aristotle’s Lyceum, the birthplace of the philosophy of peripatetic learning. The libretto for the work is composed of global refugee and migrant stories, past and current, accompanied by Greek, Syrian, Mexican, and indigenous musicians, connecting contemporary and ancient oral tradition as well as a sense of embodied learning. Presented here is the condensed version of the full, day-long composition, minus the meditative interludes of silence.

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Sound is weaponized. During World War II, fighter jets flew low to simulate the dropping of bombs, keeping citizens on edge. In Guantanamo Bay, metal music was blasted at intolerable levels in the belief…