Resources for teachers: Laufmappe

This is the documenta 14 Laufmappe. The Laufmappe has been written by the aneducation team of documenta 14 to support pre- and post-visits to the exhibition (April 8–September 17, 2017). The Laufmappe contains a circulation of ideas, continued threads as well as concepts, which you can expand upon in your own curriculum as well as share with other colleagues.

In the following pages, images and texts about the artists are provided along with a number of questions, activities, and discussion points that help contextualize the many different contemporary practices encountered during your visit to documenta 14. The Laufmappe is organized alphabetically by the artists’ last names. Each artist page includes an image of a work presented in documenta 14 as well as further information about this work organized in four sections.

Laufmappe in German
PDF (8 MB)
Laufmappe in Greek
PDF (8 MB)
Laufmappe in English
PDF (8 MB)
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