That means:
There are no obstacles for people with special needs.

Reduced Tickets

Reduced tickets are for different kinds of people.

For example:

Bring Medical Equipment and Medicines with You

Some people need
medical equipment or medicine                          
to live well.

This includes:

Some people have to
take certain medicines
at a certain time.

If you need help:
Contact an attendant
at the exhibition venues.

For example:

The attendants are happy to help you.

Visits and Walks

Some people need special help.
For example:

If you need help:
Talk with an employee of documenta 14.

For example:

documenta 14 employees are happy to help you.

To talk with the Visitor Service
you have to call this telephone number:
05 61  70 72 77 0

You have to dial this telephone number
when you call from another country:
00 49 56 1  70 72 77 0

or send an email to the Visitor Service:
visitors [​at​]


There is a special sign
for the toilets at documenta 14.

You can see the sign here.


Most public venues of documenta 14
have elevators.
There is a special sign
that helps you to find the elevator.

You can see the sign here.

Public means:

Wheelchairs and Walkers

At documenta 14 there are various mobility aids.

For example:

You can borrow these aids.

Please talk to an employee
of the Visitor Service
if you need a mobility aid.

Accessibility at the Exhibition Venues

Some exhibition venues are not barrier-free.

And some exhibition venues are only partially barrier-free.

Partially barrier-free means:
People with disabilities cannot view all of the artworks.

On a city map you can see:

You can look at this map here.

Or you can download an app on your smartphone.

An app is a program:

The app is called: Wheelmap.

You can download the app here:

The app provides important information
about accessibility in a city.

For example:

Buses and Trains

You can travel by public transportation:

Public transportation includes:

Most of the public transportation in Kassel
is barrier-free.

You can find more information about
public transportation in Kassel here:

Or you can call: 08 00 939 08 00
The call does not cost money.