Sound and Music, June 19–23
Jakob Ullmann / Alvin Lucier / Charles Curtis

Jakob Ullmann, from Solo II (for trombone/bassoon, 1992) from Buch der Stille (1989- )

During the week of June 19-23, 2017 documenta 14’s sound and music program offers various concerts that provide a focus on and contextualization of the work of German composer Jakob Ullmann and American sound artist and composer Alvin Lucier, both of whom are featured in the exhibition of documenta 14. Multiple appearances by American cellist Charles Curtis further illuminate the sonic concerns central to the documenta 14 project, among them the role of architectural space in a musical experience, alternate modes of listening, and the questioning of the composer-performer hierarchy.
—Paolo Thorsen-Nagel

June 19, 2017
Jakob Ullmann - Horos Meteoros, dramatic passage with Euripides and Aeschylus
9 pm, Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall

June 20, 2017
Éliane Radigue - Naldjorlak, played by Charles Curtis
9 pm, Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall

June 21, 2017
Jakob Ullmann - Solo II and Athina Katsanevaki
7 pm, Athens Conservatoire (Odeion)

June 22, 2017
Charles Curtis, Alvin Lucier, Anthony Burr, and David Grubbs
9:30 pm, Romantso

June 23, 2017
Alvin Lucier – SO YOU (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice)
7:30 pm, Athens Conservatoire (Odeion)

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SO YOU (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice)

by Alvin Lucier

Alvin Lucier – SO YOU (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice)
for clarinet in b-flat, cello, female voice and 9 amplified wine jars (2017), commissioned by documenta 14

Anna Pangalou, voice
Charles Curtis, cello



with Charles Curtis, Alvin Lucier, Anthony Burr, and David Grubbs

An evening devoted to the distinct relationship among performer, audience, and space within a musical performance

Charles Curtis / Anthony Burr - 28:27 minimal offset - sine wave spinning

David Grubbs…



with Athina Katsanevaki and Dafne Vicente Sandoval

Athina Katsanevaki sings
Agio Gianni ton Theologo (female dance from Cappadocia)
Mia volioume dyo (funeral lament from Grevena region)
Se ena psilotato vouni (archagelitikos from the island of Rhodos)…



by Éliane Radigue

Éliane Radigue, Naldjorlak, for cello
Performed by Charles Curtis, cello

Éliane Radigue (born 1932) is a French composer best known for her intricate and compelling compositions on tape using the Arp…


Horos Meteoros, Dramatic Passage with Euripides and Aeschylus

by Jakob Ullmann

A mini-opera created on the occasion of the centennial of the Gare du Nord railway station on the Swiss-German border in Basel. The project, which was developed around the station’s history, brings to…