Unpacking Burckhardt at Peppermint
with Inge Nabuurs, Erwin van Doorn, and Alicja Melzacka

8 pm
Peppermint, Untere Karlsstraße 8, Kassel

Nabuurs & van Doorn, Burckhardtstrasse, 2007, Intervention dOCUMENTA 12, photo: ND2+

Nabuurs & van Doorn, I do like the fact that you have been working anonimously, 2016, digital traces of a painted archive, photo: ND2+

Nabuurs & van Doorn, in the meantime, 2017, Archival pigment print, photo: ND2+


Unpacking Burckhardt continues with a performative night stroll entitled Zwischenlandschaften by artists and performers Inge Nabuurs and Erwin van Doorn. Having intervened during documenta 12 by renaming the streets between Fridericianum and Wilhelmshöhe to “Die Burckhardtstrasse,” Nabuurs and van Doorn illuminate real and fictional traces of what could have been in multiple formats and at various sites. During the stroll roles shift and the unseen becomes visible as the artists enter into dialogue with cultural heritage in transition including archival research, minimal interventions, and documentary art. A further guest, Alicja Melzacka, will discuss themes around the questions, “How does documentation trespass into the realm of art?” and “Is working in public space as urgent as working in the white cube?” before the walk draws to a close at Kulturbahnhof.

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Unpacking Burckhardt at Peppermint
with ​Contemporary And (C&) and KUNCI

Yvette Mutumba of Contemporary And (C&) describes their project, the Center for Unfinished Business, photo: Holger Jenss

Ferdi Thijab of KUNCI discusses…


Unpacking Burckhardt at Peppermint

with Gerhard Lang and LAGE

Gerhard Lang, Cloud Walk 5 – Entering the Cloud, 21.12.97, photo: Irene Graham, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Night stroll with Gerhard Lang, Unpacking Burckhardt…


Unpacking Burckhardt at Peppermint
with Helmut Holzapfel, Monika Nikolic, and Martin Schmitz

“And if someone were to dig us up in two thousand years, once all knowledge of our written language had disappeared, the cityscape would be the only thing by which we might be judged.”
—Lucius Burckhardt, Stadtplanung und Demokratie (1957)…


Unpacking Burckhardt begins at Peppermint

“I am unpacking my library. Yes, I am. The books are not yet on the shelves, not yet touched by the mild boredom of order.”
—Walter Benjamin…


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