Unpacking Burckhardt at Peppermint
with Gerhard Lang and LAGE

7 pm
Peppermint, Untere Karlsstraße 8, Kassel

Gerhard Lang, Cloud Walk 5 – Entering the Cloud, 21.12.97, photo: Irene Graham, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Night stroll with Gerhard Lang, Unpacking Burckhardt, photo: Liebschuh

How discoverers discover, performance lecture by Gerhard Lang, Unpacking Burckhardt, photo: Liebschuh

Jaywalking, multi-media presentation by LAGE Kassel, Unpacking Burckhardt, photo: Liebschuh

7–9 pm: How discoverers discover by Gerhard Lang
9–11 pm: Jaywalking by LAGE Kassel

How discoverers discover

The ongoing series Unpacking Burckhardt continues with the performative lecture How discoverers discover by artist and performer Gerhard Lang. The lecture focuses on the artist’s early works in which he explored the manifold and changing qualities of the invisible. These include his mobile crosswalks, ritualized cloud walks, and a performance in which he walked backwards through Manhattan.

Following the performance lecture and discussion with Gerhard Lang, Ekachai Eksaroj and Flaut M. Rauch, artists of LAGE in Kassel, present the multimedia work Jaywalking.

Gerhard Lang was a friend and associate of Annemarie and Lucius Burckhardt (1930–2012 and 1925–2003), who used their so-called science of strollology to manifest the link between the visible things around us and their invisible purpose. As part of documenta 14’s aneducation program, the Burckhardts’ library is being hosted by Peppermint and is gradually being unpacked during a series of events. In addition to the evening events, the library is open to readers every Tuesday and Friday from 10 am to 1 pm.

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Unpacking Burckhardt at Peppermint
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Nabuurs & van Doorn, Burckhardtstrasse, 2007, Intervention dOCUMENTA 12, photo: ND2+

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Unpacking Burckhardt at Peppermint
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