by Kettly Noël

Performance | Sold out
8 pm
Henschel-Hallen, Wolfhager Straße 109, Kassel

Traces, or fragments, of suspended, restrained gestures—prisoners of a body that yearns to express the sexes and the countenances of the “elsewhere” that she, the performer, Kettly Noël, invokes. The tension, the surprise, the horror, and the joy that is read on her face creates an interior world into which we are sucked. It is impossible for us to extricate ourselves: we are caught—prisoners, trapped, taken to task, ensnared in the game. Each movement conveys ambiguity. A caress can become a blow, a step can become a tumble or a fall, desire can turn into surrender. Her clothing could be a dress, a shroud, a straightjacket… Blurring the boundaries between executioner and victim, child and adult, man and woman, the performer rejects separation. Pushed to the limit by these different states of domination, of violence, she seeks to free this force that could contain everything.

Concept, Performer: Kettly Noël
Scenography: Michel Meyer
Lighting: Samuel Dosière

Tickets: 10 € / 2 € with valid documenta 14 ticket; available at the documenta 14 points of sale and at the door
*Sold out

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Kettly Noël

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