Juoigganas workshop and performance
with Issat-Sammol Haetta

4–8 pm
Athens Conservatoire (Odeion), Vassileos Georgiou B’ 17-19, Athens
9–9:30 pm
Athens Conservatoire (Odeion), Vassileos Georgiou B’ 17-19, Athens

The yoiking instrument juoigganas made by Issat-Sammol Haetta, Norway

Wednesday May 17, 2017
Juoigganas workshop
4–8 pm, Joar Nango’s European Everything installation (the atrium at Odeion)

Come learn how to build the unique string intrument juoigganas specially designed to fit the tonal scale of the traditional Sámi Yoik. The musician and yoiker Issat-Sammol Haetta from Maze in Northern Norway is the instructor for this four-hour-long workshop.

Free admission. The number of participants is limited to 8 people. For questions please write: europeaneverything [​at​] gmail.com

Thursday May 18, 2017
Performance with the traditional Sámi performer Issat-Sammol Haetta
9–9:30 pm, Joar Nango’s European Everything installation(the atrium at Odeion)

Issat-Sammol Haetta is from the Sámi village Maze (Masi) in northern Norway. He is performing traditional yoik from the north-Sámi areas. He has also made a yoiking instrument containing two strings that is played without a concert pitch. His debut with this instrument which is called the juoigganas was at The Kalevala Festival in Petrozavodsk, Russia in 2008. He was awarded the Aillohas Music Prize for the year of 2009. Has played as pre-artist for Mari Boine.

Free admission. There will be food served.

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