Presencia (Presence), Karen Lissette Fuentes
by Regina José Galindo

2–4 pm
Elpidos, Elpidos, Athens

Following similar actions in Guatemala City, the artist wears the dress of a murdered woman. The dress was lent by her family, which keeps the memory of their loved-one alive through this garment.

“Presence is a performance project drawing from the energy of these women, the silenced. In this way, we want to claim them, talk about them, and honor their lives.”
—Regina José Galindo

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Regina José Galindo

They want to hide things.
So many lies fill our eyes with dust.
—Regina José Galindo

In Regina José Galindo’s Rescue (2017), the action is heard before it is seen. Performed in Athens, Galindo’s…


El Objetivo (The Objective)

by Regina José Galindo

According to the instructions, the public may take the place of the performer she is not performing. Please note: this environment is not suitable for children.


#14 Ojo de gusano: Don’t Look Down

by Regina José Galindo

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