Women’s Work in Revolt! Feminist Struggle and Insurrectionary Memory
with Antonia Majaca and Angela Dimitrakaki

Talks, workshops, and discussion
7–11 pm
Old Library, Athens School of Fine Arts, Pireos 256, Athens

The final event responding to Sanja Iveković’s Monument to Revolution considers the marginalization of “women’s work” in twentieth-century struggles alongside the feminization of labor today in art and the neoliberal economy overall.

Contributors include Chiara Bottici, Dina Vaiou, Sissy Vovou, Marina Vishmidt, the collectives Athens Subsumption and Temporary Academy of Arts, and Angela Dimitrakaki and Antonia Majaca as instigators and moderators.

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Art of the Possible: Towards an Antifascist Feminist Front
An initiative of Angela Dimitrakaki and Antonia Majaca in collaboration with Sanja Iveković

This multi-lingual oral document brings together the voices of about thirty artists, theorists, activists reflecting on feminism as a critique of fascism and imagining the rise of an anti-fascist feminist…