All Humans are Migrants
Alejandro Grimson

Ομιλία και συζήτηση
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Alejandro Grimson is Professor for Social Anthropology at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín in Buenos Aires. Grimson talks about the negation of basic human in rights in democracies today and discusses the issue of migration in the 21st century in this context. The history of humanity is the history of migration. All peoples of the world have migrated at some time in history. The vast majority of those who uproot themselves and move from one territory to another do so for one reason: inequality, in economic or political form. As a consequence, they take a path that they otherwise would not have chosen. In the discussion of migration today we should not forget, that we are all potential migrants.

With an introduction by Prof. Dr. Ute Clement (Vice President University of Kassel)

In English

Organized by the Chair for International and Intersocietal Relations (University of Kassel) in cooperation with documenta 14.

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