Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Berlin, Germany


Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Weekly, nights from Thursday to Friday at 00.05 am
Producer: Marcus Gammel

Radio as an exhibition space for acoustic art – that is the mission of Klangkunst, Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s weekly sound art program. Since 1998, it has commissioned and broadcast audio works by international artists – including more than 200 new productions to date.

Founding curator Götz Naleppa has called the broadcasting slot a “laboratory for radio.” Here, sounds, noises, and voices have the opportunity to develop their inherent artistic potential – beyond established genres, narrative, or musical conventions. A core feature is the “site-specificity” of radio: The ability to cause numerous places and eardrums to vibrate by means of electromagnetic waves.

Throughout the entirety of documenta 14, the commissioned works of Every Time A Ear di Soun will be featured here.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur is a nationwide cultural program from German national public radio. Producing unique content for culturally interested listeners from Funkhaus Berlin, it rightfully claims to be “Feuilleton on the Radio.”

What does “culture” mean on the radio today? The creators of the program strive to expand perspectives. Culture is discussed within and beyond traditional categories and genres. New points of view are sought out – including in politics, society, and zeitgeist, all of which have a firmly established place in the program. We examine politics in its cultural context, and culture against the backdrop of a changing society. Challenging but not elitist; curious, cosmopolitan, and profound: Deutschlandfunk Kultur is cultural radio in its most contemporary form.

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