Raw Field Recordings II: Electromagnetic Detritus
by Christian Galarreta


When we accept the necessities generated by technological progress and its commercialization, we reassert our mutant condition as urban beings. For example, we live surrounded by imperceptible electromagnetic fields coming from our communication technologies. We accept them as normal in our daily life, despite the consequences that they have for our physiologies. Christian Galarreta presents a composition consisting of the sounds of electrosmog: mono field recordings that he made over the course different research projects, workshops, sound walks, and site-specific performances during the past fourteen years.

Duration/sound references in the composition:

0 min., 00 sec. Hard disk (Lima, 2004)
1 min., 34 sec. Traffic signal boxes and tram lines (surroundings of Rhiz Bar, Vienna, July 17–18, 2012)
3 min., 51 sec. Electric generator box (Street, Vienna, July 17, 2012)
5 min., 35 sec. Inside the train (From Vienna to Innsbruck, July 21, 2012)
9 min., 41 sec. Fluorescent lamp powered by solar energy (Lacandona Jungle, August 14, 2010)
11 min., 24 sec. Friend’s mobile phone (Mursko Središće, July 9, 2012)
12 min., 24 sec. CD player (Lima, 2004)
13 min., 40 sec. Live concert (La Generale, Paris, March 2, 2013)
32 min., 43 sec. Escalators (Matzleinsdorfer Platz station, Vienna, December 10, 2013)
44 min., 49 sec. Fluorescent lamps blinking (Ljubljana, December 6, 2013)

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