Short Waves’ Transit Tales
by Anshuman Dasgupta & Sanchayan Ghosh


Anshuman Dasgupta and Sanchayan Ghosh attempt to capture the dynamic relation between time and space via the human relationality of soundscapes, while invoking the history of shortwave radio and their own location-specific entanglements with this technology. This chronicle comprises bytes from: radio archives, theatrical and musical rehearsals and workshops, mechanical live sounds, and noises from bazaars, games, schools, and travels—also in the form of conversations, readings, and performances. The work registers both locations specific to a sonic map as well as the dynamics of transit.

Acknowledgements: Sukanta Majumdar ( Sound Editing); Rangakarmi theatre group, Kolkata; Naresh Bandopadhyay (Expert in Bratachari dance); Sangeet Bhavan (Music Department, Visva Bharati); Kala Bhavan (Fine Arts Department, Visva Bharati); Campus, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan; All India Radio, live transmissions, Kolkata; Films by Ritwick Ghatak (Ajantrik and Subarnarekha); Habu Gaan by Gaya Bajikar, Sitalgram, Birbhum West Bengal; Blossom Theatre, Daronda, Birbhum; Sreedurga Leto Aasar (Harakumar Gupta) Kharia, Mohammadbazar, Birbhum; Drummers from Kirnahar, Birbhum, West Bengal; Textual Sources: Rabindranath Tagore, Muktadhara (The Waterfall, Santhali version), Jhumpa Lahiri, Lowlands; Satyajit Ray Film Institute, Kolkata (SRFTI)

Posted in Public Radio on 04.17.2017