Our Musuem
by Charles Curtis


Our Musuem sets two independent streams of text/sound against each other. Conceived to be broadcast simultaneously over different radio frequencies and heard on multiple radios, or conjoined as a composite broadcast over a single frequency, the two streams amplify and interfere with each other rather than interlock. The text fragments question assumptions about the nature of sound, the condition of music, and the act of performance; the sound elements acoustically disrupt each other through close tuning and near unison. Unison in music describes the doubling of like materials. Our Musuem considers unison from the perspective of the German notion of Auseinandersetzung: a discourse, or literally, a divided current.

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with Charles Curtis, Alvin Lucier, Anthony Burr, and David Grubbs

An evening devoted to the distinct relationship among performer, audience, and space within a musical performance

Charles Curtis / Anthony Burr - 28:27 minimal offset - sine wave spinning

David Grubbs…