The Density of the Transparent Wind
by Michele Ciacciofera


The project underlines the mythical-symbolic value of the relationship between humankind and the sea that has defined geographical boundaries and forms of socialization in the Mediterranean. It presents a wandering boat whose journey is dedicated to rediscovering wholeness between humankind and nature, in which labor is integrated with the sea. The boat floats endlessly from generation to generation, communicating knowledge and respect based on the unwritten laws that guide the interaction between humankind and nature. Barriers cannot confine and undermine what the Mediterranean has always been—a crossroads of integration, in which the physical dimension of the sea has not been a reason for separation.

Acoustic Installation (2016/2017)

Sound Engineering and Production: Andrea Blanco; Production Assistant: Claudia Ciacciofera and Francesco Teodoro

Many thanks to Vincenzo Moscuzza and the crew of Carmelo Moscuzza.

Courtesy Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou/Beijing

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