OH MY OH MY (Pinktrombone, 21 January 2017)
by Caroline Bergvall


The piece is based on audio recordings of the London Women’s March on January 21, 2017. Together with sound artist John Wynne, Caroline Bergvall arranged the recordings into a thirty-minute travelogue. Collective waves of noise are reworked and composed in an abstract and rhythmic pattern. Specific voicework as well as lines of trombone played by trombonist Sarah Gail Brand are extracted from the recordings. The title stems from the sound of an anonymous trombonist playing on Trafalgar Square at the end point of the march. An instrument that was apparently never used in war, the trombone, or sackbut, has been referred to as “the trumpet of the minstrels.”

Concept, Field Recordings, Text, and Voice: Caroline Bergvall; Sound Design: John Wynne; Trombone: Sarah Gail Brand; Voice Recording: Speech Recording Studios

Posted in Public Radio