Paranoise Radio, Thessaloniki, and Cannibal Radio, Athens, Greece

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13:00–15:00 (UTC+3)
18:00–20:00 (UTC+3)

Cannibal Radio is a web radio with the main intention of breaking the routine established by sponsored radio music. Over seven years, this purpose has brought together thirty-nine radio producers with twenty-two shows running throughout the week and a constantly growing audience with which it interacts through the various mediums organized by the radio. Without any music stereotypes and prohibitions, the radio broadcasts live from a record store, in a space open to the public in the historical center of Athens. In direct and personal contact with its listeners through musical and cultural activities taking place there, the team of Cannibal Radio is constantly discovering and bringing to your attention people who offer new and alternative ideas about every kind of art.

Paranoise is an independent, alternative web radio that focuses on the promotion of contemporary urban music and culture through interaction with listeners. It was formed in Thessaloniki in 2008 when the notion of web broadcasting was still in the early stages of development. Driven by people’s passion for music, the pioneer radio’s program is compiled to engage listeners through an extremely diverse range of sounds while promoting creativity through the organization of events across Greece. In its present form, Paranoise is made up of more than forty-five people, making it a small community of music lovers. We currently broadcast on a 24/7 basis from several European cities, including Athens, Thessaloniki, London, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Manchester. This network of people, all located in different countries and cities, is what makes Paranoise a cultural hub where everyone is invited to experience, communicate, and unite.

Programmer: Costis Nikiforakis

Acknowledgments: The OTE Group Telecommunications Museum, KSYME: Contemporary Music Research Center, Petros Malevris and Black Athena (Jo Borshell & Costis Nikiforakis)

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