Rádio MEC FM
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

broadcasting documenta 14 Radio Program
daily 21:00—22:00 (UTC-3)
Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday 00:30–3:30 (UTC-3)
Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 0:00–3:00 (UTC-3)
Friday 1:00–4:00 (UTC-3)

Inaugurated in 1936 in Rio de Janeiro, Rádio MEC (Radio of the, now defunct, Ministry of Education and Culture) was the first station created in the country. It is one of the most important public radio stations in Brazil, a true patrimony of Brazilian culture, given its longstanding work to provide education and disseminate concert music, covering works by composers from different historical periods as well as different styles. It also offers an outstanding platform for Brazilian music and musicians, jazz, avant-garde music, and radio art. It is currently part of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação, overseen by the Federal Government, which includes a group of public broadcasters on AM and FM frequencies and also online.


Programmers: Janete El Haouli & José Augusto Mannis

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