House of Commons

House of Commons is a series of gatherings with educators, artist collectives and cultural spaces, social initiatives, and community leaders in Kassel and Athens. We are interested in how cultural operators and education platforms can form stronger relationships and build a network in order to produce a cohesive program during documenta 14. Coming together facilitates clear and effective communication between organizers of different events and aids in developing larger audiences. In the lead up to the opening of documenta 14, aneducation organizes a series of regular meetings, called the House of Commons, to think collectively about the kind of programs and projects these organizations plan to offer during the run of documenta 14.

As documenta 14 is a unique opportunity for exchange between Athens and Kassel, we would like to encourage art spaces and initiatives to collaborate across both cities to sustain cultural ties. We actively support cross-cultural exchange, inter-cultural programming, and dialogue.

If you are interested in being involved with the House of Commons, please send an email to:

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