Winter Intensive 2017: Hearing Voices (School of Voice)

January 17–21, 2017
Location: Athens School of Fine Arts, Pireos and Delphi
In collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Art (ASFA) and University of Kassel

Students gather around the Temple of Athena for a polyglot reading of Ulises Carrión’s The New Art of Making Books in English and in the Greek translation by Kyrillos Sarris, photo: Jero van Nieuwkoop

Irena Haiduk and students enact the score of Sailors Sing Suicidal Songs in the ruins of Delphi, photo: Jero van Nieuwkoop

Barbara Cassavechia projects the voice of Maria Lai in the Old Amphitheatre at Delphi, photo: Jero van Nieuwkoop

Raven Chacon and Candice Hopkins introduce the Score for Hearing Voices: Tone/Vocable/Word/Phrase/Phrase/Vocable/Word/Tone, photo: Jero van Nieuwkoop

Deep listening, oracular politics, inner voices, writerly voices, strategies of silence, language as sound and performance, as well as ancient scores are just some of the components of Hearing Voices, an educational and performative intensive which brings together students from the Athens School of Fine Arts (involved in Elective Affinities – ASFA/d14 collaboration) with students from the Kunsthochschule Kassel and University Kassel (School of Listening & Chorus of Voices). During this intensive week, artists, writers, team members, and students involved with documenta 14 are invited to gather in the special site of Delphi for a series of discussions, presentations, readings, exercises, listening, and performative moments.

Keywords: Language as sound and material; the sound of objects; ecologies of reading; tactics of writing and performance; oral histories; strategies of silence; voices of the past; ancient scores; dying languages; space and resonance; oracular politics; inner voices;

Contributors: Sepake Angiama, Barbara Casavecchia, Irena Haiduk, Candice Hopkins and Raven Chacon, Byron Kalomamas, Arnisa Zeqo

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