Night Shift

Mapping Week Kassel, Tilman Hatje and Jos Trautmann, members of the collective Tokonoma, explore the city’s shifting pedestrian populations at dawn, former Deutsche Bahn tracks, Kassel, April 22, 2016, photo: aneducation

Night Shift is an intermittent program of nocturnal activities exploring how the body responds to the shift from day to night and vice versa. In the build-up to the opening of documenta 14, aneducation has sought collaborations with hosting organizations and artist-run spaces in Kassel and Athens on a series of monthly night events. Motivated by a number of philosophical, literary, and artistic approaches to “the Night” in terms of labor, its codes for the body and the cityscape, these events take the form of listening comprehension sessions around particular musical legacies, film screenings, discussions, dawn walks, and more.

Night Shift #1
With Tilman Hatje and Jos Trautmann
22 April 2016, 5 pm, Tokonoma Hörverstehen, Kassel

Night Shift #2
Screening of Andrzej Zuławski’s film Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours (1989)
27 April 2016, 9 pm, Hörsaal Kunsthochschule, Kassel

Night Shift #3
With Dieter Roelstraete
13 May 2016, 8 pm, Tokonoma Hörverstehen, Kassel

Night Shift #4
With Monika Szewczyk
27 May 2016, 6 pm, Papiercafé, Kassel

Night Shift #5
With Quinn Latimer
24 June 2016, 8 pm, Peppermint, Kassel

Night Shift #6
With Roee Rosen
1 July 2016, 10 pm, Filmladen Kassel

Night Shift #7
With Joar Nango
21 July 2016, 8 pm, Tokonoma Hörverstehen, Kassel

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