Keimena: #10 Rabo de Peixe (Fish Tail)
by Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel

11:59 pm
ERT2, Athens

Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel, Rabo de Peixe (Fish Tail), 2015, Portugal, film still

Rabo de Peixe (Fish Tail), 2015, Portugal, 103 min.
Directors: Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel

This film portrays the daily lives, ambitions, and struggles of fishermen in Rabo de Peixe, a traditional fishing village on a small island in the Azores. The starkly realistic depiction of people and places is intercut with moments of underwater reverie, resulting in a deeply personal, poetic style of documentary film.

Keimena, a documenta 14 Film Program on ERT2, airs Mondays at midnight from December 19, 2016 to September 18, 2017. Each film can be viewed during the broadcast and streamed on demand for seven days thereafter. Please note that the films are presented in their original language with Greek subtitles, and can be streamed from within Greece only.

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Keimena #10: Rabo de Peixe (Fish Tail)

by Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel

Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel’s film Rabo de Peixe portrays an island within an island.” Rabo de Peixe is a fishing village, located on the island of São Miguel, which hosts the largest community of traditional fisheries in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The re-edit of their 2003 film combines ethnographic observation and sociological investigation with a diaristic style and a nostalgic tone to portray the male members of two generations of fishermen from Rabo de Peixe and their daily lives, ambitions, and struggles…

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