Keimena: #6 Voilà l'enchaînement
by Claire Denis

11:59 pm
ERT2, Athens

Claire Denis, Voilà l’enchaînement, 2014, France, film still

Voilà l’enchaînement, 2014, France, 30 min.
Director: Claire Denis

Voilà l’enchaînement is a series of monologues and conversations portraying a mixed-race couple (played by Norah Krief and Alex Descas) whose relationship begins, welcomes children, and disintegrates, all within the span of 30 minutes. With two actors and no sets, this agonizing film traces issues of race and language through a troubled relationship.

Keimena, a documenta 14 Film Program on ERT2, airs Mondays at midnight from December 19, 2016 to September 18, 2017. Each film can be viewed during the broadcast and streamed on demand for seven days thereafter. Please note that the films are presented in their original language with Greek subtitles, and can be streamed from within Greece only.

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Keimena #6: Voilà l'enchaînement

by Claire Denis

How two people come apart can be as compelling to watch as what brings them together. In Clarie Denis’ film Voilà l’enchaînement, the fissures in a relationship between a black man (Alex Descas) and a white woman (Norah Krief) are apparent from the first scene. Longing for more closeness, and caressing his shoulder, she asks him to tattoo her name on his body. He gently refuses: “for you it means eternity, for me it means branded.” Does the friction of this early exchange—still light enough to be softened with an embrace, but opening a crack of enmity—set in motion what comes next…

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