Unpacking Burckhardt: What remains?

5:30 pm
Holländischer Platz, (On the university side of the street/Diagonale 1), Kassel

Unpacking Burckhardt “What Remains?”, map design by Josephine Lee

Notions of ownership and spatial appropriation are some of the primary issues addressed by the “Lucius-Burckhardt-Platz bleibt!” Initiative during a walk around the University of Kassel site in the Nordstadt.

A contested and defended square, Annemarie-und-Lucius-Burckhardt-Platz stands not only as a physical space but also as a cipher for communal and collective action in the quarter’s history and present. At selected stations, the walk draws attention to various moments within the narrative of negotiation by students, professors, and members of the community around the university.

The walk leads from Holländischer Platz into the K 10 building, where Lucius and Annemarie Burckhardt taught for many years, through the University area to Annemarie-und-Lucius-Burckhardt-Platz. On the way we follow invisible and visible traces of various initiatives, who implemented their positions spatially and have substantially influenced the design of the quarter until today. The participants exchange knowledge about ecology, autonomy, and the preservation of memory.

Everyone is invited!

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