A Cultural Agent for documenta 14

5 pm
Medienprojektzentrum Offener Kanal (MOK), Rainer-Dierichs-Platz 1, Kassel

Student works from the project A Cultural Agent for documenta 14

Students from eight schools in Kassel are presenting results from the project entitled “A Cultural Agent for documenta 14.”

A Greek temple façade made of cardboard boxes and distorted book-like objects bear witness to student interest in Marta Minujín’s Parthenon of Books. Horrifying monsters—colored sculptures made of papier-mâché and wire—call to mind Beau Dick’s masks exhibited in the documenta Halle. The students have written a story for each of the figures. The product of their project work during the 2016/17 school year will be presented in “Umlauf,” an artfully designed special issue of the school newspaper devoted to the themes of documenta 14. Photo series and videos document numerous school projects as well as visits by school classes to the documenta. Four schools are presenting their “docBlogs” for documenta 14, and visitors will be able to listen to a recording of “Kakadu,” a children’s radio program broadcast by Deutschlandfunk.

September 6–22, 2017
Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri.: 10 am–7 pm
Wed.: 2–7 pm

Exhibition Opening
Tuesday September 5, 2017
5 pm

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Kulturagent Project

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