14 To The Floor #7
with DJ OK (DJ JA + DJ NEIN) - All Night

DJ Sets
10 pm–3 am
Wiese, Werner-Hilpert-Str.22, Kassel

DJ JA, aka Felix Paul, resides in Düsseldorf and DJ NEIN, aka Moritz Paul, better known as Leibniz, in Leipzig. JA is a regular at Salon des Amateurs and NEIN is active as a producer and DJ in and around the Leipzig and Berlin scenes.

Together as DJ OK they have released two cracking records: “It’s Fine” on Düsseldorf-based label VFMM and the split EP, “Untitled” with DJ OK and DJ bwin on First Second Label. Along with another friend from Hamburg, they also run the hundert label.

Fourteen To The Floor is a weekly club night run by a shape-shifting collective of documenta workers in parallel with the exhibition’s fourteen-week duration in Kassel. documenta 14 extends into the night …

Entrance fee: 6 €

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