A-Letheia: Collective Memory Exercise
by Stelios Lykotrafitis in collaboration with KETHEA IN ACTION

8–10 pm
Kiosk in Kypseli, Athens

A-Letheia project sketch by Anton Kats

On July 10, the project A-letheia collaborates with KETHEA IN ACTION and invites the group to participate in a Collective Memory Exercise, developed with the artist Stelios Lykotrafitis. Using blackboards and chalk, the group calls upon you and passersby to share your stories and memories of the ubiquitous kiosks in Athens.

Kiosk Kypseli: Fokionos Negri and Eptanisou, Kypseli

The event is part of the gradual unfolding of the A-Letheia project as conceived by artist Anton Kats and developed together with Ifigenia Papadatou, taking place over the 100 days of documenta 14 in Athens. The project involves collaborative events with local groups, neighbors, and members of the community surrounding the kiosks.

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