Victoria Square Project: ELPI-ZO
by Antigoni Theodorou

8–8:30 pm
Elpidos 13, Victoria Square, Elpidos 13, Athens

—don’t look at me—don’t cry. You are the hope.
Listen there will be a time
when children will choose their parents
they won’t come out of the blue
There won’t be doors closed
with people leaning on them.
We will be choosing our job too
we won’t be put under the microscope
People—imagine that!—will talk in colors
Katerina Gogou, there will be a time (extract)

The participatory action ELPI-ZO takes place in the context of the Victoria Square Project. Antigoni Theodorou asks residents of Elpidos Street to get out on their balconies and shout what they hope will happen to them. “With a word, a balloon, a song, a guitar, a parrot, or using a pot as a drum!” At the same time, she will be on one of those balconies—which are “rented out for business use”—fulfilling her own hope. Through this intervention, the balcony is examined as an intermediate space, between the apartments and the street, between private and public, personal and collective, in an attempt for it to be reestablished as an unknown body.

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