Pleiades Female Vocal Group featured in The Way Earthly Things Are Going by Emeka Ogboh

7:30–7:40 pm, 7:40–7:50 pm, 7:50–8 pm, 8:30–8:40 pm, 8:40–8:50 pm, 8:50–9 pm
Athens Conservatoire (Odeion), Vassileos Georgiou B’ 17-19, Athens

Emeka Ogboh’s enchanting sound installation The Way Earthly Things Are Going (2017) deliberates on the multiple effects and manifestations of states of crisis. It tells of wanderlust and yearning, of pain and a survival urge, and it features comments and impressions of an economic crisis that has plagued and is still ravaging.

On the last day of documenta 14 in Athens, Aliki Atsalaki, Vassula Delli, Georgia Tenta, and Roula Tsernou, members of the Pleiades Female Vocal Group, appear at the Athens Conservatoire for six short live performances of the traditional polyphonic song “Αλησμονώ και χαίρομαι” (When I forget, I’m glad). A recording of the Pleiades’ interpretation of the song serves as the basis of Ogboh’s installation.



Access limited to 20 persons per performance

The female polyphonic group “Pleiades” was founded in May of 2006 in Thessaloniki, in order to contribute to the diffusion of the Greek-speaking folk polyphonic singing. The members of “Pleiades” have already had a considerable experience in studying and performing folk music, in Greece and abroad.

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