The Parliament of Bodies: Never-Closing
with Sergio Zevallos and members of the Open Form Societies

The Parliament of Bodies invites all members and non-members of all Open Form Societies, participants, permanent visitors, and occasional passengers to a never-closing event of the Public Programs of documenta 14 at Parko Eleftherias, with a durational performance by artist Sergio Zevallos, and a summer party.

Bring all of the divination articles you can think of: tarot cards, runes, coffee. We will inquire about the future after documenta 14 that we want to construct collectively.

4-9 pm, Conversation with a Dying Soldier, performance by Sergio Zevallos

Over the course of five hours, artist Sergio Zevallos invites visitors to enter a bunker with him and to engage in a conversation. The bunker, a military and civil structure, becomes an analogy for the secluded spaces of European territory, the nation-state, but also the single-family apartment, sites that segregate and isolate selected groups of people. The potential conversation with a dying soldier creates moments of failure inside an architecture of confinement, turning the bunker into an intimate/philosophical device. Visitors enter the bunker one by one for a short time. They can reflect on personal matters there. Remember: Iintimacy is a political practice, never correct and always risky. This is an intimate conversation. Remember: The dying soldier always has multiple identities. He is a dying president, a dying father, a dying schoolgirl, a dying employee, a dying transvestite, a dying schizophrenic…

9-10 pm, Gathering of all members of the Open Form Societies, Parliament of Bodies

11 pm-…, DJ sets by Arnisa Zeqo

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute

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