Good Thought Gardening
by House of Commons in collaboration with Stadtteilzentrum Wesertor, Ultraviolett and Random Alias

Open House
5–8 pm
Narrowcast House, Gottschalkstraße 36, Kassel

When different people converse, they often talk about problems. This gave rise to the idea of creating a greenhouse in which “good thoughts” are recorded and “planted” on slips of paper in the hope that they will reproduce when viewers spontaneously fill out more slips and add notes. Good thoughts—whatever the individual means by this—should “overgrow” the bad thoughts and thus perhaps make the world a little better.

Ultraviolett and Random Alias meet in their world of experimental entanglements with club-culture, spatial concepts, and sound as a critical form of resistance. For the first time, they get to meet in person on planet earth, behind the decks, and join forces in an examination of recorded sound and its inherent, albeit immaterial yet material resonance. Their collaboration emerges as part of a narrative that both redefines and celebrates DJing as an art form.

For their visit at the Narrowcast House, they create an acoustic biotope to motivate the planted thoughts in the greenhouse project, to grow and manifest themselves in the collective unconscious.

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