Dirty Athens Brass Band goes Kassel
by Dirty Athens Brass Band

Music performance
5–8 pm
Narrowcast House, Gottschalkstraße 36, Kassel

Dirty Athens Brass Band instruments at the Narrowcast House, photo: Josephine Lee

You are invited to join a musical performance by Dirty Athens Brass Band. The young ensemble formed in 2014, embraced the A-Letheia project in Athens in collaboration with Kassel’s Blech & Schwefel this June, and is now coming to Kassel to perform at Narrowcast House. Five of the members share their passion for playing music in public spaces with its audience.

The event is part of the gradual unfolding of the Narrowcast House project initiated by artist Anton Kats and taking place over the 100 days of documenta 14 in Kassel. The project involves collaborative events with local groups, neighbors, arts and cultural initiatives of the city.

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