The Parliament of Bodies: A Place Out of History
by Magalí Arriola

Film screening
8 pm
Fridericianum, Friedrichsplatz 18, Kassel

Magalí Arriola, A Place Out of History, 2017, Mexico, film still

Relying on historical photographs, documents, and other archival material, A Place Out of History narrates the improbable encounter between Tina Modotti, Fernand Legros, Henry Moore, Anthony Blunt, and Han van Meegeren, among other famous artists, prominent forgers, renowned art historians, and curators. It is the story of lives entangled in a series of murders, political negotiations, and power struggles,—all indebted to utopian thinking.

A Place Out of History leads the viewer through a labyrinthine space where fact and fiction are intertwined to reveal the true nature of the story. Magalí Arriola’s first film is an exercise in storytelling, an exhibition within a film that deals the impossibility of narrating a univocal version of history.

Please join us for the world premiere of A Place Out of History (2017, Mexico, 41 min.) starring Gastón Yanes and Zulu González and written and directed by Magalí Arriola. The screening takes place in the presence of the director and is followed by a discussion.

The film is screened in Spanish with English subtitles.

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